Try a Tri, sign up for the Take the Hill Triathlon

Competitors competed in the swimming, biking, and running portions of the 2012 Take The Hill Triathlon. This year’s triathlon is the sixth time this event has been held. All proceeds benefit Insulindependence, a non-profit organization that helps people with diabetes lead healthy and active lives. Registration is still open for the event at Gustavus Office of Marketing and Communications

The sixth annual Take the Hill Triathlon, hosted by the Epsilon Pi Alpha fraternity, will take place on Saturday, May 4. The race will kickoff at 9:00 a.m. and will include a 500 yard swim, a 12.5 mile bike, and a 3.2 mile run.

“We organize and run the entirety of the triathlon. We contact sponsors, design the website, hang up posters, talk to alumni for their involvement and get the supplies. We set up the triathlon and we also are incorporating a waffle feed as a post race event,” Junior Epsilon Pi Alpha Alex Luing said.

The 500 yard swim will take place in the 10 lane, 25 yard, Vic Gustafson Natatorium Pool. The 12.5 mile out-and-back bike will tour through the St. Peter countryside, and the 3.2 mile run will take place throughout the Gustavus campus.

Participants can choose to compete individually or on a team. The teams can consist of two to three athletes. When the race is completed, prizes will be distributed to the racers. All are welcome to sign up and join in on the fun of racing a triathlon.

“Last year, I did the triathlon because I wanted to take on a new challenge. I like trying new things and decided I should invest more time swimming, biking, and running. In order to stay motivated, I took on the goal of completing a triathlon,” Senior Ramy Hagen said.

To protect the safety of the participants, the routes will be marked with race signs, cones, and volunteers. The competitors will also be required to wear a helmet during the biking portion of the race.

All proceeds from the event will go directly to Insulindependence and its affiliate partner, Triabetes. Epsilon Pi Alpha alumni, Peter Nerothin ‘02 founded Insulindependence, an internationally recognized non-profit organization. As a diabetic, an ultra-endurance runner, and a triathlete, he continues to break the stereotype that diabetics cannot be active and healthy. Nerothin and some of his friends come to Gustavus to run the race each year.

Insulindependence serves to revolutionize diabetes management. The mission is to inspire diabetics to set personal fitness goals, educate them on adaptive management strategies through hands-on experience, and equip them to explore their individual capacities.

People signing up for the triathlon can vary from athletes that do triathlons throughout the year, to people that just want to have fun and stay in shape.

“It was such a great opportunity to be able to have a triathlon here, especially being able to practice the bike and running routes. The atmosphere was also really awesome. It was great to see so many college students from Gustavus and other schools competing in a sport that I love, and also seeing members of the community competing too,” Sophomore Mata Agre said.

People that have never competed in a triathlon appear each year to take part in the experience. Anyone can participate to race for a good cause.

“People should try it, because you never know what hobby you might end up with. For me, I had never biked. Now I enjoy biking even by itself and have been looking forward to the melted paths all spring,” Hagen said.

What: Take The Hill Triathlon

Who: Any athlete above the age of 16 (unless accompanied by a parent) interested in competing in a triathlon to benefit Insulindependence

When: Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.

Where: The swimming portion will take place in the Lund Natatorium pool, the biking portion is through the St. Peter countryside, and the running portion is through the Gustavus campus

Why: To support Insulindependence, a non-profit that helps people with diabetes lead healthy and active lives.