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Campus Safety Report (04/27/12) | The Gustavian Weekly

By Ben Miller News Editor | April 30, 2012 | Campus safety report

Monday, April 16

•  An employee reported a theft of College property from the Jackson Campus Center.


Thursday, April 19

A student reported laundry items stolen from Complex laundry rooms.


Sunday, April 22

•  A student reported suspicious activity on College Grounds to Campus Safety.

•  Three students in Norelius Hall were cited for underage consumption and one student was cited for underage possession. Six students were cited for a College policy violation for noise after quiet hours.

•  Campus Safety responded to a property damage report in the Walker House.


Tip of the Week:

A picture was stolen from the Jackson Campus Center sometime prior to April 13.  It is a framed photograph of two Gus lions on the Gustavus entrance sign with Old Main in the background.  It is approximately 40” high and 32” wide.

If you have any information on this stolen picture, please contact the Campus Safety office at x8888 or use the silent witness form on the Campus Safety web page:

Always report suspicious activity to Campus Safety.

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