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Kyle Haiman | The Gustavian Weekly

By Sandy Xiong Staff Writer | February 24, 2012 | News

Assistant Director of Residential Life

In recent years, the Residential Life Office has been undergoing a significant amount of changes. One of these changes will include welcoming Kyle Haiman as the new assistant director of Residential Life.

Chosen from a pool of over seventy candidates and applicants, Haiman stood out as an experienced leader with a background in assisting residential advisers.

“I’ve had experience living on campus and developing skills in student leaders and I wanted to move up in housing,” Haiman said. “I had always been at a state school, so when an alum from Gustavus recommended the position of assistant director to me, I was immediately interested.”

Haiman is working to make the Collegiate Fellow (CF) title a premier position on campus. In accordance with the Crossroads Program and CHOICE, he plans to tap into these preexisting groups to push the CF position forward and get students interested in contributing to a new sort of leadership in the residential halls.

“We were looking for someone with energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard and do good things,” Director of Residential Life Charlie Potts said. “We wanted someone who would want to be a part of the Gustavus community and help us to continue to foster growth in Res Life and move forward.”

Applicants applied for the position in October, 2011 with the hopes of selecting a new assistant director by the end of the first semester. Out of a huge pool of applicants, Res Life sifted through individuals with a Master’s degree and had a background with housing work. Phone interviews were made, with on-campus interviews occurring in January.

“We looked for criteria that Res Life wanted,” Sophomore Pa Ngia Moua said. “Many CFs interviewed the candidates, asking relevant questions with follow-ups. We did an evaluation of the candidates and turned it in afterward from there. It was fun to be a part of the selection process knowing that it was something that would impact Gustavus and Res Life.”