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Work Hard, Play Hard: 15 Things to Do During J-Term | The Gustavian Weekly

By Chelsea Johnson Features Editor | December 9, 2011 | Features


Renting Showshoes and Cross Country Skis is fun and inexpensive. Creative commons.

1. Renting showshoes and skis is one way to have an adventure around the arboretum in the snow. Cross-country skis and snowshoes are available to anyone in the Gustavus community and can be rented from the Lund Athletic Center for $3.00 per day, $8.00 per weekend, and $15.00 for one week.

2. Feeling artistic? J-Term is the perfect time to start a big project: Make a movie or write your life story.  (Right).


3. January Jump Start in the Center for Servant Leadership (CSL):

Come and find out about 150 things to do in January (including events, things to read, questions to ponder, and ways to get a jump on career development!) Thursday January 5, 1:00 – 3:30 p.m.




Tea Time Thursdays are a way to spark great conversation with members of the campus community.creative commons.

4. Themed weekly events on campus are available through the Center for Student Leadership, provided in the hopes that students will take time to reflect relax, and chat with other students during the month. The current schedule for themed events happening within CSL in January include the following:

Fondue Friday in the Center for Servant Leadership: Friday, January 13, 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Tea Time Thursdays, 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. in the Center for Servant Leadership.



Wednesday Matinees: all take place in CSL and include discussions afterward:

Up in the Air, Wednesday, Jan. 11 at 3:00 p.m.

The Help, Wednesday, Jan. 18 at 3:00 p.m.

TBD, Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 3:00 p.m.


During January there is plenty of time to get in shape.creative commons.

5. Now is the best time to stay true to your new year’s resolution. Use the facilities of Lund to play racquetball or go for a swim. If you are less inclined to get in shape (round is a shape, right?) or already have a smashin’ body, use Lund as a safe haven to relax,- go hot tubbing or use the sauna. (Above left)


6. There are few that appreciate the bone chilling cold that St. Peter has to offer. Make a fire in the fireplaces or bake cookies in your dorm and cozy up with a good book.  (Left)


Sophomores Olivia Crane, Kayla Warner, Caitlin Dow and Karrissa Larson pose after traying down old main hill.submitted.

7. Traying is one of the most popular activites on campus during winter, especially during the first week of snowfall. The most common area to go traying is in the front of the college near Old Main. Whether it’s new snow or a frozen sidewalk, traying has become a fun tradition for all gusties. Director of Dining Services Steve Kjellgren said, “The most important things are to stay off the streets and to return the trays after use.” (Left)







Zumba is an increasinly popular way to have fun and excersize.creative commons.

8. Take a dance or aerobic class to extend your means of relaxation.The Peer Assistants sponsor many exercise programs in the evenings during January. Yoga, Zumba and dance classes provide a fun environment in which to work out and learn new ways to stay healthy. Sign up for January Zumba and yoga classes in the Peer Assistants’ office. (Right)






Lucas Neher ‘10 advances the ball during an intramural broomball game. Lindsay Lelivelt ‘11

9. Broomball has evolved to be a more well known activity throughout the years, especially at Gustavus. The Gustie Cup and Intramural broomball both provide opportunities for students to play during the regular semesters. During January, get a team together and hit the ice. Broomball equipment can be picked up at Lund and is free of charge for anyone in the Gustavus Community. (Left)

10. One word can sum up the perfect winter day: Fort. Build one.

11. If you’ve ever played Monopoly, you know that it pretty much goes on forever. Or, until you go thousands of dollars in debt  and throw your money around  in frustration. This January, I challenge you to finish something. Finish an entire game of monopoly, a whole season from a tv show, a box of gobstoppers…or the novel you started in November but couldn’t quite finish.

12. Tired of your room looking like tornado wreckage? Turn over a new leaf and rearrange your room. SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES! Have a small dance party in celebration of your new living space. Bask in the cleanliness…it’s most likely temporary.

13. If you’re like me, being busy during the school year prevented you from fufilling that goal you had, like learning a song on the guitar or designing a  logo. This january, pick up a new hobby or skill with your extra time.

14. Unlike any other time of the school year, January Interim gives you time to plan events with your friends, whether its last minute plans or a weekly get together. Planning a movie night every week  is a great way to have fun during January. Senior Ethan Marxhausen hosts a “Bad Movie Week” and is a perfect example of making fun traditions during january.

15. This pretty much goes without saying, but going to events on campus is a surefire way to have fun. Sports games, speakers on campus and student group planned events are all available during January.

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