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The rent is too damn high

The Rent is Too Damn High party, lead by Jimmy McMillan, a New York gubernatorial candidate, struck a chord with many college students because of his outrageous demeanor and humorous rhetoric. However, students may have another reason besides humor to […]

Rich Aune named director of admissions

Rich Aune ‘81 has been named director of admissions for Gustavus by an announcement from Vice President for Enrollment Management Tom Crady. Aune worked for the admissions office for four years after his graduation in 1981 and returned to the […]

Film premiere / El estreno de la película

As a final assignment for COM-265, Video Representation in the communication studies department, the class has embarked on an ambitious project to collaborate with three Latino families in St. Peter to produce three short videos that will offer a glimpse […]

Gustavus Swing Club

Hillstrom Museum highlights alumni art

Located just under the Market Place, the Hillstrom Museum of Art houses wors of art by Gustavus Atists. All of the current exhibit was completed by Gustie alums. The museum is featuring alumni artwork that includes paintings done in watercolor, […]

Cockroaches in College View

Emma Strand – Student involvement at new heights

It’s a well known fact that Gustavus students have a strong dedication to involvement, both up on the hill and in the greater community as well. Emma Strand is no exception to this characterization. The senior communication studies major, who […]

Ways to relax and reflect

Tea Time and Fondue Fridays are two events sponsored by the Center for Vocational Reflection (CVR) that encourage students, faculty and staff to take time to relax. Tea Time is held every Thursday from 2:30-4:30 p.m., and Fondue Friday happens […]

Taking the express to finals

Live music, free food and professors serving students—all of this and more can be found at Midnight Express. As a Gustavus tradition, at the end of each semester, students, faculty and staff come together in the Market Place for a […]