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Election season is here—and so are negative political attacks.  A recent letter writer launched an inaccurate attack against Terry Morrow, our state representative. He didn’t tell you that Terry voted against the download tax when it first came up. The amendment passed despite Terry’s  opposition and became part of a 236-page tax bill.

Another inaccuracy: Terry voted for the tuition tax deduction. Why did the writer suggest otherwise?

Terry Morrow works hard for college students as a representative and a Gustavus professor.  He wrote the successful bill to reduce textbook prices. Terry works very closely and successfully with the Minnesota Private College Council to protect the State Grant program, which helps about 70 percent of Gustavus students.

Why didn’t the writer mention any of the bill’s other provisions?

Using the writer’s logic, one could conclude that he opposes the other items in this bill, like child care or help for new or expanding businesses that may hire Gusties. One could say that he desires budget-busting government mandates and opposes property tax reform—even though Gustavus students’ rents would likely go up  One could claim that he believes that charities—or even Gustavus Adolphus College—should pay property taxes, likely resulting in tuition increases. One could allege that he does not care about those whose homes are hit by a tornado or a flood.

We know that such logic is faulty, whether applied to the writer or to Terry Morrow.   When required to vote on a large bill that offered support for students, homeowners, businesses and farmers, Terry concluded that the good far outweighed the parts he opposed.

For four years, Terry Morrow has campaigned on his own record rather than resort to negative partisan attacks. The proof: please visit his website at www.morrow4mnhouse.org.

I am proud to support Terry.

Drew Ajer ‘12 and Mandy McCourt ‘12

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