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Gustavus Interim Experience group evacuated from Machu Picchu area | The Gustavian Weekly

By Jake Seamans Editor-in-Chief | January 27, 2010 | News

Machu Picchu.  MCT Campus.

Machu Picchu. MCT Campus.

UPDATE (Jan. 30): The group arrived home today.

UPDATE (Jan. 28): According to O’Grady, the group was rescued by helicopter, is safely in Cusco, and will be leaving for the U.S. soon.

A group of Gustavus students and their two faculty leaders are awaiting evacuation from Aguas Calientes, a village near Machu Picchu. The students are on a January Interim Experience off-campus study trip titled “Education, Healthcare and Poverty in Peru.”

The students visited the area as scheduled part of their trip, arriving at Aguas Calientes on Sunday and a trip to the ancient city Incan city on Monday. After their return to Aguas Calientes on Monday, it was clear that heavy rains in the region would delay their return.

The students are waiting to board helicopters organized by the Peruvian government to evacuate the hundreds of tourists in the area. According to Director of the Center for International and Cultural Education Carolyn O’Grady, the students are safe and comfortable awaiting evacuation.

View a video statement by O’Grady.