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By Katie Winkelman ‘11 | December 11, 2009 | Letters to the Editor

I would like to respond to the photo and caption in last month’s issue titled “Interpretive Center adds solar panels.” It was great to point that out, but the small caption didn’t answer any questions I had regarding the panels.  So, I went to talk to Jim Dontje who is the director of the Johnson Center for Environmental Innovation.

He is currently working on building the other panels that will be installed outside the Johnson center. All of the energy needed to supply the building will not be supplied solely by the solar-thermal panels. Several more panels would have to be added for that to happen, but what a great start to being more sustainable!  The research being conducted will demonstrate the performance of each type of panel installed.  (There will be two different types of solar-thermal panels installed).  This provides great research opportunities regarding alternative energy right here at good old Gustavus.

Katie Winkelman ‘11


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  1. John Malprin says:

    Each baby step moves all of us closer to energy independence. As the installed panels pay for themselves, the money can always be reinvested.

    Did you find what types of panels were installed?

  2. Recyclable energy is becoming bigger and bigger now. I am planning to put up one at home.

  3. Great to see solar energy becoming such a mainstream and economic choice. It can only continue as technology increases the effecinecy of solard panels.