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By Andy Setterholm Staff Writer | December 12, 2008 | News

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Tonight is the last performance in the Gustavus Black Box Theater of i am Icarus, a one act play written and directed by Senior History Major Maggie Sotos. The play is the first completely student-created production to be performed on campus this year and has been running since Wednesday evening. All performances have been sold out.

“I’m really glad the Theatre Department gave me an opportunity to do something like this,” said Sotos. The production was funded on a tight budget from the Theatre Department as part of a new class intended for Theatre majors. The set was constructed and costumes were designed within a $50 spending cap.

The show is performed by six actors: Senior Communication Studies Major Dave Christians, Senior Biology/Life Science Teaching Major Andy Haaheim, Senior Biology Major Nathan Heggem, Senior Political Science Major Marissa Schon, Junior Communication Studies Major Kelly Nelson and Sophomore Emma Squire.

Three of the six performers are making their debut in Gustavus theater.

“It’s always exciting when you can be a part of purely student-written and directed work,” said Heggem.

After being a stage performer earlier in her years at Gustavus, both in larger mainstage productions and with LineUs Comedy Troupe, Sotos has taken on more of an offstage role in recent works. i am Icarus was originally written by Sotos as an assignment and was influenced by the character of Icarus from Greek mythology.

The play portrays high school students in a story of unrequited love, infatuation and obsession when a young man experiences romantic feelings toward a young woman who happens to be dating his friend. The unpredictable love triangle is played out in a non-linear progression, which
“It’s a show that I think a lot more people can connect to,” said Sotos.

Whether a Casanova or a McLovin’, many students can recall a time in high school or elsewhere that they experienced similar feelings as the woeful souls of Lucas and Maren, the show’s stars.

“Even though it’s a specific story, at the same time everyone should be able to find themselves in it,” said Heggem.

Despite the setting, i am Icarus does not lack in theme or depth. The show is filled with symbolism right down to the characters’ costumes. Costume designer and performer Squire hinted that the set and costumes may hold a slightly more symbolic element for each of the characters.

The show has taken on a character of its own and allowed for each actor to work with some personal interpretation in his or her role. “[Student productions] can turn out to be more of a
collaborative process,” said Heggem.

After composing her longest work, Sotos watched as i am Icarus took shape.“I’m very pleased with how the actors have interpreted their roles,” said Sotos. Tickets for the show are free and can be reserved at the Theatre and Dance Office. The show will be performed at 7:00 p.m. each night Dec. 10-12.

Editor’s note: Maggie Sotos is the calendar eiditor for the weekly.


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