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Not all departments need internships

First and foremost, I would like to lay a few key pieces of information about myself (that are very important to understanding my viewpoint) on the table: (1)I am and education major during the school year. (2) I am a […]

Gustavus Russian program gets second chance

President Putin won his fourth presidential election in March 2018

At Gustavus, we have many opportunities to study various subjects, languages, and cultures. Our study away program prides itself in how many different states and countries are offered for students to visit.  Recently, within the political climate of the United […]

Disasters leave impoverished in wake

Hurricane Florence devastated parts of the eastern United States.

With the death toll and damage costs of Hurricane Florence continuing to rise, how each of us can help is on all our minds. Hurricane Florence was particularly bad due to its heavy rains and its slow speed over the […]

Turning trash into soil

The main composting area of Gustavus lies near the campus’ greenhouse.

How often do you compost? If you’ve ever tried, you probably know how difficult it can be on a college campus. It’s hard to find a compost bin nearly anywhere, and there are only a few near The Caf. However, […]

Death of a department

Last spring, as students were returning to campus from their J-Term break, many students, myself included, returned only to discover Gustavus had decided to unilaterally dissolve the Chinese department. The decision was founded upon financial constraints which “forced” the Gustavus […]

Join the club

Gustavus Cheerleading was among the many groups participating in the involvement fair.

Going off to college, the one phrase that cannot be escaped is “get involved.” That’s all I, and I am pretty sure the rest of the student body, heard as they started their first day as a Gustie. Many of […]

AC is too cool for school

A fan.

As the summer came to a bittersweet end, an array of minivans, trucks, and stuffed-to-the-brim Ford Focuses ascended to our campus. Students could be spotted moving anything from futons to suitcases packed with clothes into their brand new dorm room.  […]

Square dance tradition matters

The annual Orientation square dance.

With orientation coming to an end, on every First-year’s mind is the countless icebreakers and activities to get the class of 2022 ready for life here at Gustavus. While some will look back fondly on the four days of orientation […]

War on bottled water

The cooler in the Marketplace offers Dasani water, a sub set of Coca-Cola.

It’s been a long day of moving in. You’re tired from lugging boxes up and down the stairs of Co-Ed and all you want is an ice-cold bottle of Dasani. However, lurking in that bottle is an intruder, microplastic. Microplastics […]

Keep our community clean

Warm weather is here. We all want to be outside enjoying the sun, the trees, our friends, and the lovely feeling one gets from being surrounded by the color green. Hammocking, playing games, and hiking are all enjoyable parts of […]