The Gustavian Weekly


3OH!3 in 2018!

A s the big concert approaches I thought I would take a trip down memory lane with everyone because 3OH!3 probably brings you back to your middle school years.  For those of us who are millennials (Dec. 1995 was the […]

Is “STEAM” based learning good for Gustavus?

While many of us—namely, juniors and seniors—will never see the completed Nobel Hall and Theater expansion, we already are seeing the destruction the big yellow crane in leaving in its wake.  Where, exactly, does the liberal arts fall within the […]

Technology: the modern plague

I’ll be honest, I spend a lot of time on my phone.  Between several social media accounts, keeping up with my friends and family back home, and my problematic addiction to The Sims Freeplay, it’s a miracle I manage to […]

The otherness: why Gustavus?

When I meet someone new at Gustavus, I am usually asked a rather unconventional question: “Why Gustavus?” This question is asked in a very similar way to: “Where are you from?”   It’s asked with intrigue, with shiny eyes, hungry […]

Attend local cultural events

For a Swedish Lutheran college in the Midwest, Gustavus has a pretty impressive variety of cultural events on campus. Our student body may not be as diverse as our mission statement likes to claim, but those students who are from […]

Students deserve creative freedom

Ever since I was a child I have thrived in academic situations that involved using creativity. I looked forward to Art Class (that came twice a week for less than an hour); I lived for the days in English that […]

Viva Eurovision!

Have you ever wondered how ABBA was discovered? Celine Dion? Or where the song Volare came from? Look no further than Eurovision, the Eurasia wide song contest. The most important day of the year is coming up, May 12. You […]

Will we grab a slice of the new world order?

Is it truly the end of the United States led world order? A report, primarily supported and sponsored by the  U.S. Army’s Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate, the Office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Development […]

More than spring cleaning

There is nothing that heightens one’s nostalgia for spring weather quite like a snowstorm in the middle of April. The sun is shining, days are longer, birds are chirping and… there’s snow as far as the eye can see. Most […]

Save your smoking gun

Perhaps the most asinine solution propped up by the thoughtless is to “ban” something. The United States banned alcohol in the early 20th century. Abortions were once banned. “Sodomy” can be added to that list. And, while we’re at it, […]