The Gustavian Weekly


Reasons everyone should learn to cook

Cooking is a skill that we should all know, not only for its everyday life application, but also because it can save us from the shameful status of being that person that always eats ramen or mooches off of others […]

A case for horror

Have you ever voluntarily subjected yourself to nightmares? You might ask what kind of masochistic human would ever do that to themselves, but the surprising answer you’d find is a lot of seemingly very normal people. If you enjoy horror […]

What good is theology?

Ah theology; we tend to think it’s just stale old Wonderbread at this point. It’s seen as incredibly white, Eurocentric, and conservative in the public eye. Many young people, me included, have been turned off to religion, specifically Christianity, due […]

The roommate agenda

Probably the most nerve wracking part about beginning the college life is sharing a room … with a stranger. Unlike class loads and extracurriculars, that first-year roommate is entirely luck of the draw for most people. This pairing can make […]

The Structures of Meaning

As humans, we have a psychological need to answer the big questions in life: Who am I? What is my purpose? How did I get here? What does it all mean? As humans, we have a psychological need to answer the […]

Where did all the good music go?

Father Time certainly waits for no one and spares no victims. Our pets, beloved—and not so beloved—family members, and weird dudes you met in high school all eventually get old and fade away. I always thought that the nonmaterial things […]

Winter is Coming

Fall has officially started! Which means it’s time for: sweaters, pumpkin spice, falling leaves, and crisp mornings, it’s also the start of flu season. For those who don’t know the flu (influenza virus) is a common virus that is easily […]

Are young minds being manipulated?

Looking back on the glory days of childhood, there appeared to be an impressive amount of toys to tempt and occupy one’s time. My days were spent in the midst of either a Barbie explosion or a surprisingly detailed Playmobil […]

Reality TV: Awful for everyone

Reality TV shows have struck a chord with both American and international viewers since 2002 with the first seasons of American Idol and Survivor. Although reality TV has been around since 1950, it wasn’t until the transformation into glitz and […]

Age is scary

Over the years, I’ve heard many people say things such as: “Growing older is an enriching experience; you become wiser, and it is something that you should embrace.” While aging is inevitable, I can tell you right now- it is […]