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Beneath The Crown (9/25/15) | The Gustavian Weekly

By The Weekly Staff | September 25, 2015 | Beneath The Crown

Emily Dzieweczynski

Emily Dzieweczynski

What was the college decision process like for you?

“Like, in general? Well…I guess I knew I wanted to stay close to home. So I applied to schools just around there. I originally wanted to go to school for just art, but I decided that that probably wasn’t a very good idea, so I settled in the middle of the road, which was here. I wanted to go the University of Minnesota, but I didn’t want to be just a number. That was why I liked it here.”

You said you were interested in art. Is that still part of your focus here?

“Yeah! I’m thinking about going into Psychology and Art.”

What influenced your interest in those fields?

“Well, I’ve always been interested in art, I guess! I was homeschooled growing up, so I spent a lot of my down time drawing. I’ve always found a lot of comfort in art, and I’d like to get into art therapy. I just love learning how the mind works and how that applies to art, I think it’s just fascinating. It’s definitely my dream career.”

What specific kinds of art therapy/psychology are you looking at doing?

“At this point, I’m not too sure. I haven’t really gotten to talk to many art therapists because I don’t think it’s a huge field, but I would say I could be working in a school or a nursing home. If I got to the point where I was good enough to have my own practice, now that would be very cool!”

– Emily Dzieweczynski

Beneath The Crown is a project created by Nick Theisen (‘15). It is inspired by Humans of New York (HONY) and aims to bring the community of Gustavus Adolphus College closer together by providing the perspectives of the many different people who live and work at the school.