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Day: March 13, 2015 | The Gustavian Weekly

Issue 18 Part 2 (3/13/15)

Issue 18 Part 2

Issue 18 Part 1 (3/13/15)

Issue 18 Part 1

Sonnesyn’s performance earns high praise

Financial motives cut the Gustavus Nordic Ski team from varsity competition this year. The news came as a shock for the team and many alumni last spring, as the program was considered a strong part of the Swedish heritage that […]

Women’s Tennis eyes MIAC Conference title

If you were to ask a Gustavus Women’s Tennis team member their goal for the season, most answers would have to do with one common word: improvement. “Mostly all the players want to grow as a team and improve individually. […]

Senior Spotlight: Max Fidler

This recurring segment will highlight a senior Gustavus athlete each week. Q: What are your expectations for the season? A: We have a lot of veteran players with a lot of experience so we expect to have a very successful […]

Bethel shuts down post-season goals

The Gustavus Women’s hockey team concluded their season with a 19-5-2 record in the conference, ending with a disappointing 6-3 loss to Bethel in the MIAC semifinals on Feb. 8, which knocked them out of the running for a bid […]

Bumps in the Road

If you have spent any of time driving you know there are some bumpy roads out there. You might also be aware of the detours we are forced to take from time to time. Road conditions are rarely perfect. Things […]

“God is Dead.” Philosophy is not.

I’m sure the title of this column caught your eye, and whether or not you agree with the statement, I’m glad you’ve decided to read my thoughts.  Pick up a copy of Nietzsche’s The Gay Science or Thus Spake Zarathustra […]

Net Neutrality Upheld!

The issue of net neutrality has been an ongoing issue for a long time, but people seem to forget about it, at least people around our age. It was frightening because this was going to affect everyone in the United […]

Get After It

Too many people these days allow themselves to become distracted. There are numerous different things that divert our attention from the pressing and important issues on our plate. We have our phones, which we check every five minutes. When we’re […]