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Month: February 2013 | Page 2 | The Gustavian Weekly

The road to your dream job…

Gusties tell it all Stage 1: Freaking Out Katie Batz ’13: Senior, Communication Studies major I am currently in the “not really sure what I’m doing” phase of my job search. For a very long period of time I was not […]

Comic (2-22-13)

Reading this will make you cooler

Eric Whitacre beats dead horse Nowadays the internet is making it easier than ever for musicians, composers, and 14-year-old rich girls to get their music out into the world and into the ears of any human with access to a […]

The Bunion

Bruises increase in academia The opening of The Fighting Center brings about the age-old debate of whether or not “the pen is mightier than the sword.” And in the case of Gustavus’ newest tutoring organization, the sword trumps the pen […]

The hidden truth

Are we moving too far with technology? What is technology? According to Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, technology “is the application of knowledge for practical ends” or the “branch of knowledge that deals with applied science, engineering, and the industrial […]

Food for thought

Too big to work (part one) As many of us progress towards the end of our academic careers, we are able to look back at our lives in school with a perspective earned from experience. We might look back with […]

Job Search Article Response

Katie Volney in her “The Job Search Quandry” article is correct…..your career cannot stand only on your education from a “good” school. Your good education is one leg supporting your career. The other legs are engagement (you need to care […]

Letter to the Editor (2-22-13)

Dear Weekly- I can’t help but notice all the sex-soliciting posters. As a Lutheran school, we don’t do much to perfect sexual intimacy. The condom and STD posters everywhere lack the encouragement of sexual purity, or waiting till marriage to […]

Hope runs high for Twins in Fort Myers

The lights are on in Hammond Stadium and Twins players, both familiar and new, have donned their uniforms to compete for a place on the 40-man roster. Just like every spring before, the players have reported to camp ‘in the […]

Men’s basketball dribbles into the offseason

The Gustavus men’s basketball team played their final regular season game against the Concordia Cobbers last Saturday afternoon. Heading into the game, the Gusties needed a win in order to clinch a spot in the MIAC playoffs. After a hard […]