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Veni, vedi, weekly

Race, to the top In the presidential election of 1960, Bobby Kennedy and his band of merry men orchestrated for his brother one of the closest victories in the history of American politics. This monumental feat was made all the […]

Some assembly required

A “labour of love” There are two weeks left in the semester. It’s that time of year when the boundaries between day and night blur, and everything seems like it’s floating in a thick fog. There’s less sleep, more caffeine […]

The hidden truth

Should President Obama be considered “progressive?” First and foremost, in the words of the prominent activist Cornel West, “I think it is morally obscene and spiritually profane to spend six billion dollars on an election, two billion on the presidential […]

Editorial (12/7/12)

Reporting on GustieLeaks and the President’s administration has been illuminating in many regards. The conflicts that have emerged, both new and old, leave our community with many things to sort through. As Mary Solberg said in an interview with The […]

Food for thought

Another perspective on Israel and Palestine Before reading last week’s publication of The Gustavian Weekly, I had already formulated a plan for what I would write in this week’s edition. After reading Chelsea Johnson’s article entitled “Israel and Palestine: a […]

Letter to the Editor (12/7/12)

Dear Editor,   As a recent graduate, I would just like to thank the fine folks at The Gustavian Weekly for keeping me and people like me up to date on the goings on about campus. Being suddenly cut off […]

Letter to the Editor (12/7/12)

Dear Editor,   It is only with the deepest concern in my heart that I write this letter to address the concerning circumstances which have arisen regarding President Ohle. It is with deep commitment and passion for this college that […]

Letter to the Editor (12/7/12)

To Whom it May Concern,   There has been, in the past, much confusion about the college community’s frustrations with President Jack Ohle.  As a student, I knew something was wrong, and I tried hard to inform myself. I spoke […]

Men’s hockey remains optimistic

Despite their rocky start to the season, the men’s hockey team has kept morale high and worked hard in practice in order to do well for the rest of the year. They kicked off the season with a win against […]

To energy drink, or energy eat?

As semester final projects approach and students begin to study for exams, many are looking for an extra edge to defy their body’s needs and forego sleep and proper nutrition. These are essential to optimum function, health and mood balance, […]