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The Three Musketeers

All for one and one … and a half stars The great theatre professor Henry MacCarthy once told me, “Do not add anything to your scene that does not help the story.” Director Paul Anderson ought to take notes here […]

Pick up a book— Johannes Cabal the Detective

Welcome! In this column, you will find reviews of books (both awful and awesome), as well as various other things. Today, the book of choice is Jonathan L Howard’s Johannes Cabal the Detective. Howard has created a character with the […]

Listen to your heart, your mind, and, your vagina

The Vagina Monologues reaches out to help end violence against women Returning to campus this spring is the annual Vagina Monologues, a production put on by the Womyn’s Awareness Center (WAC) and performed by Gustavus students from all backgrounds. In […]

Celebrate Brazilian Carnival with fabulous food and big fun

Gustavus Adolphus College will host the Brazilian Carnival festival from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on February 26 in Alumni Hall. Sponsors of the event include on-campus organizations such as Organization of Latin American and Spanish Cultures (OLAS), Campus Activities […]

A Guide to Internet Memes

Even if you aren’t one of the 1,095 Facebook followers, you’re probably aware of the newest Internet craze sweeping campus: Gustavus-Based memes. The page, which launched Feb. 9, boasts the explosive gain of over 700 followers after being live for […]

ACA, birth control and you

Hello, boys and girls! The following informative presentation is brought to you by the fine people at Trojan! But not really. (Actually, sneaking into enemy territory with a present secretly full of ravaging warriors really doesn’t seem like the best […]

In the year 2012…

Americans, Minnesotans and Gusties are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. We use machines to cross continents, cell phones to contact relatives and meters to regulate pancreases. On the surface, this technology is thrilling and useful, but when taken out of […]

Nuclear power: a healthy glow?

Nuclear power has been a dormant issue since its expansion stopped in the 1970s. But with the Nuclear Regulatory Committee’s recent decision to allow the construction of two new nuclear power plants the question of nuclear power has returned to […]

Say “ah” for easy As

If this is what you see when you look at your bottle of perscription drugs ... you should probably check your dosage. Andy Brian

I have a lot of respect for the great medical minds of the past few centuries. Great geniuses have given (first world) humanity the gift of extended, comfortable lives by grace of a careful understanding of the human body, chemistry and […]

Calendar (02/24/12)

The Calendar Page is considered editorial. The opinions expressed herein are not the opinions of The Gustavian Weekly, but is in fact a big old moldy bowl of potato salad left in the back of your fridge by your uncle […]