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  1. Yesica says:

    Cath, I like it too especially how it lays out the cmtmenos. You’re right about a lot of the meat to be found in the cmtmenos especially at a site like your own where there’s a lot of high value conversation. It is time consuming to highlight the cmtmenos but I think it is a good reward, and a sign that we’re listeningHi Wendi! Good to see you here and congratulations on your own new home. Hope your avatar shows up soon I tend to agree on auto e-mail which is why I switched it off here. It doesn’t give me any kind of feeling of connection as sender so I doubt it does to the person on the receiving end eitherBrad, pulling out cmtmenos can work really well as a post (though it can be time consuming to construct). I got the idea from Rosa initially she’s a dab hand at pulling out cmtmenos at JJL.Those two handsome chaps are some of my favourite commenters here in case you hadn’t realised Joanna

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