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Trouble falling asleep in class?

Have you found yourself unable to zonk out in class lately? Have you been missing out on those productive and absolutely refreshing nap sessions during lectures, the ones that used to give you the energy and mental preparation to stay […]

It’s happening… part two

Our grandparents built things to last. They bought ties with heavy coins and hid bills in mattresses. Cabinets full of thick paper folders were kept behind locked doors in brick buildings and schoolhouses. Mortar held the bricks together, strong enough […]

Teaching: the ultimate sacrifice

If there was a study done that gave every profession in America an overall score based on combined difficulty, barriers to entry, importance, scarcity and how underappreciated  it is, there is no doubt in my mind that being a K-12 […]

Gamble your troubles away

Ah, November. Dark, gray and cold. Reading Days are but a distant dream and Halloween candy has somehow already transformed into a pile of wrappers. Leaves are long gone, pumpkins lay rotting on the pavement and groundskeeping has removed the […]

a cartoon about social tourism

RE: Green Grant

I am writing in regards to the recent article about the “Green Grant.” While I was initially excited to see this article in the Weekly, upon reading it I was disheartened to see that many of the people who got […]

Calendar (Nov 18, 2011)

Hour of Power: swim to inspire

The Gustavus Swimming and Diving teams capped off an exciting week on Saturday, Nov. 12 with a home meet against conference rival St. Olaf. The meet came just four days after the teams participated in the annual Ted Mullin “Hour […]

A Valuable Tradition

The Minnesota deer hunting season is well underway. While the most popular rifle this season is over, muzzleloaders and archers are still on the hunt. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting in the deer stand with my dad, […]

Sandusky added to NCAA hall of shame

The Second Mile, a charity founded in 1977, began as a group foster home to boys of absent and dysfunctional families. From there it grew to include Foster Care and Big Partner-Little Partner-like activities aimed at a broader spectrum of […]