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Month: March 2011 | Page 2 | The Gustavian Weekly

On-campus movie Country Strong: Rather weak

Country music: most people either love it or hate it. The film Country Strong is definitely the same way … except most people will probably hate it.  The music is decent, by country standards, and the acting is fine, but […]

Gustie Cup throws a wrench in tourny: Dodgeball

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) will be having a dodgeball tournament Sunday, March 20 at noon in Alumni Hall. This event will take place as a part of the Gustie Cup, a year-long competition in various athletics. This is the […]

QuietDrive and Cedar Ave. to perform at Gustavus

On April 26 at 8:00 p.m. in Alumni Hall, the Minnesota-based bands QuietDrive and Cedar Avenue will be performing for Gustavus students and St. Peter residents. Gustavus students can pick up free tickets at the Student Activities Office (SAO) Desk […]

GAC Idol results

Pictured above are the third place finishers in GAC Idol, Senior Psycology Major JoVanna Jensen and Senior Music Major Sean Prichard for their performance on the ukulele and glockenspiel. Sophomore Religion Major Kelly Peterson won the annual GAC Idol talent […]


The big Why

There’s a big why in the world. Aristotle remarked that we never can know a thing until we know why it’s there. We can know its form, its composure, its construction, but until we know its function we cannot understand […]

What you will or as you like it

There are some things that I would like to hide about myself. I have a few guilty pleasures, a couple little obsessions and one or two nasty habits that I indulge in behind closed doors. Conversely, I have a few […]

I’m mad ‘cause it’s March

By mad I really mean, I am so freaking excited it’s March! Think about all the awesome things that are commencing this month. Obviously our picks will be different, but we can all agree that March is super cool. First […]

Facing the fear

I distinctly remember walking back to my dorm on Sunday, March 5 around midnight. Apart from the crunch of my shoes in the newly fallen snow and the passing of Campus Safety vehicles, the college streets were perfectly silent. An […]

I could fall madly in bed with you

In my sophomore year, I enrolled in a class on existentialism. The first thing the professor said as he walked into the classroom was directed to me: “My god, you’re the most wholesome looking individual I’ve ever seen.” And I […]