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Month: May 2010 | Page 2 | The Gustavian Weekly

Iron Man 2: This year’s first true summer blockbuster

Hello there Gusties, how’s it going? I’m sure everyone is keeping real busy what with it being spring and finals fast approaching. No one’s checked out for the year, right? Well if you can bear to pull yourself away from […]

Senior Class Legacy wraps up

Since 1910, Gustavus seniors have given their alma mater some sort of gift, and in recent years this has meant some sort of financial donation. The Senior Class Legacy is based around the idea that graduating seniors should give back […]

Dropping the other f-bomb

Last Saturday night, I left Patrick’s to join the throng in the bank parking lot and wait for the GusBus to arrive. I met up with my boyfriend, who was standing in line at the open door of the bus. […]

Goodbye Gustavus

It seems weird writing this column. Maybe its just the finality of writing my last column, one of many last things I’ll be experiencing over the next few weeks. I thought it might be best to start at the beginning […]

Good-bye, and good luck

As I prepare to graduate, I am looking more and more at what I have done in the last four years, and I am left to wonder if I am leaving my school a better place. I hope that I […]

Mindless moments

Have you ever had fun doing something that you may publicly ridicule? Perhaps in high school you surreptitiously liked math or doing Sudoku. I have in the past and presently find myself in such a position. Although I have gotten […]

Boo to bootstraps

As often as sexism racism sexual oppression and gender oppression are rightfully decried in the pages of the commentary section, I feel as if a certain kind of oppression and consciousness is ignored fairly often. Often enough to warrant an […]

Student lounge

Have you ever wished there was a spot on campus where all of the students liked to hang out? A lounge-like space where you could grab a snack and relax in between classes? Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Gustavus is […]

Gustavus’ Christian faith presence

Soon my daughter’s journey at Gustavus Adolphus College will end. In looking back, it amazes our family how fast time passed, but also permitted us to look at the realities of Gustavus’ Christian faith presence. Before accepting Gustavus, we spoke […]

Men’s team of the year: Hockey

The Gustavus Men’s Hockey team had the best finish of any men’s team by advancing to the NCAA Quarterfinals. This year was  a year of firsts for the Gustavus Men’s Hockey team. The Gusties had the best finish of any […]