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Arboretum’s continuing education program hosts wildflower walk | The Gustavian Weekly

By Katie Volney Staff Writer | April 30, 2010 | Variety

The wildflower walk is offered as a part of the continuing education program, which offers many nature-oriented education classes for adults. MCT Campus.

The continuing education program of Linnaeus Arboretum will host a Wildflower Walk on May 6, 2010, at Seven-Mile Creek County Park.

The program offers several nature-oriented adult education classes to mainly members of the St. Peter community, with the goal of giving people a better understanding of the natural world.

The walk will take place about seven miles south of St. Peter off of Highway 169 at Seven-Mile Creek County Park and will focus on the “Big Woods” botany of the area, including an in-depth examination of the area’s blooming spring wildflowers.

“We are privileged to have such an area so close to St. Peter, as there are many natural treasures there, biological and geological, to be observed and enjoyed,” Arboretum Naturalist Bob Dunlap said.

This event is open to all members of the St. Peter community, including Gustavus students and faculty alike. Those who wish to attend should meet in the last parking lot of Seven-Mile Creek County Park at 6:30 p.m. on May 6. The walk will take approximately an hour and a half and costs $10 for the general public, but it is free to Gustavus students and staff.

“As a naturalist … I can only interpret the landscape and take what nature gives me, so it should be very interesting to see what is blooming next week,” Dunlap said.