Out in the cold

First-Term Seminar creates homelessness awareness through demonstration on campus For three nights every year, a group of first-year students spend three days and nights homeless. The students are part of Associate Professor of Political Science Richard Leitch’s First-Term Seminar (FTS) on homelessness. The students spend the three days living as if they were homeless. The students sleep outside in cardboard boxes or on the floor … Continue reading Out in the cold

An expression of culture and diversity

Friday, Nov. 20 the International Cultures Club (ICC) will host its largest annual event, the International Festival. The event will take place in Alumni Hall from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Student groups, as well as members of the faculty, will exhibit informative cultural displays and take part in music and dance performances, followed by a fashion show. Some groups will also be offering food … Continue reading An expression of culture and diversity

St. Peter holds celebration for reopening of 169

The long awaited reopening of Highway 169 was celebrated this past Saturday, Nov. 14 by the City of St. Peter, local residents and businesses that have been affected by the construction. The project, which began July 9, 2009 and detoured traffic off Minnesota Avenue from Highway 22 through Jefferson Street, was officially reopened last Tuesday, Nov. 17. The project was funded by $16 million of … Continue reading St. Peter holds celebration for reopening of 169

Commission Gustavus 150 releases recommendations

Gustavus’ framework for the next 10 years delivered to Student Senate co-presidents, campus Commission Gustavus 150 may seem overwhelming to some at first. After all it is made up of 385 recommendations put together by students, alumni, faculty, staff, members of the Board of Trustees and friends of the college that are categorized in several ways regarding the future of our school. However, it can … Continue reading Commission Gustavus 150 releases recommendations

Anna Eames: Making a splash in the athletic world

For most college athletes, competing in a prestigious international competition is merely a dream. Winning is an even bigger challenge. For First-year Anna Eames, this dream has become a reality. Anna began her swimming career at the age of five and initially picked the sport to copy her older brother. Although she tried out several other sports during her childhood, Anna discovered that her true … Continue reading Anna Eames: Making a splash in the athletic world

Gustavus dance concert showcases student work

The culmination of dance, choreography, design, lighting and sound will all come together this weekend as the Department of Theatre and Dance presents the Choreographer’s Gallery: New Horizons. The dance concert will be held Nov. 19, 20 and 21 at 8:00 p.m. and Nov. 22 at 2:00 p.m. in the Anderson Theatre. This concert highlights the work of 11 student choreographers and is directed by … Continue reading Gustavus dance concert showcases student work

Wolfmother brings world peace

When Led Zeppelin debuted in 1969 with their venerable Led Zeppelin I, they were accused of unabashedly stealing music from the likes of Willie Dixon and Howlin’ Wolf. Essentially, they were a British rock band plagiarizing the music of poor American blues musicians and in doing so became international superstars. So when Wolfmother released its eponymous debut in 2006 to pandemic approbation, the remaining members … Continue reading Wolfmother brings world peace

The Reitman for the job

Let’s light this candle,” Director, Producer, Actor, Screenwriter Jason Reitman said  while starting his interview with a spark. San Fransicso, Rome, London, Orlando, Boston, Berlin, Chicago, New York and Minneapolis are just some of the stops during the promotional tour of his newest film Up in the Air. “I know nothing of what it’s like to travel. I really cherish my time in the air,” … Continue reading The Reitman for the job