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Day: February 13, 2009 | The Gustavian Weekly

Update: Gustieware gains recognition

In an attempt to cut back on waste, Dining Services introduced Gustieware this past fall. Serving as an alternative to the cardboard carryout containers already offered, Gustieware is available in the Market Place for community members to take, fill with […]

On campus recall: Clif and Luna bars

As many major news broadcasts have made apparent, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the midst of an investigation into the source of a recent salmonella outbreak. This salmonella outbreak, according to the FDA website, has […]

Ben Batz: Lending a helping hand

Two summers ago, an elderly lady in a Bloomington, MN, church asked her congregation for assistance. Her garden needed weeding, her fence painting, her gutters cleaning, etc. The to-do list was daunting for an aged woman, but not for First-year […]

Must see flicks from 2008

It has been a very interesting year for movies. The frustrating-yet-justified writer’s strike that ended in February 2008 put a stall on the film industry as a whole, making it a relatively slow first half of the year. Besides a […]

The Journey to The Other Shore

Each morning during the month of January, a group of Gustavus Adolphus College students gathered in the dance studio. While some members of the campus rested warmly in their beds, this group promptly got to work. They started with group […]

The Gay Agenda

Dear Reader: You are about to read a highly classified document. It is the most singularly elusive compilation of legal papers seen by man since those found in Burn After Reading. This is the Holy Grail of the GOP, dear […]


In this modern era, with a recession firmly beating down our country’s morale, it is no surprise that people across the nation are turning to the things that comfort them. For some people this means turning to friends and family, […]

Gustavus ready for Valentine’s Day showdown with MIAC’s finest

The Gusties stare down the barrel of their toughest challenge yet this season: defeat the undefeated This past Saturday, the men responsible for the collection of banners hung in Gus Young Court returned to their alma mater to cheer on […]

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Potential dream-spoilers take aim at impressive Gusties

Despite being ranked #1 in the national polls, there is a historic demon on the horizon, looking to spoil Gustavus’ momentum In the winter of 2005, when the current Gustie senior class was still filling out their high school uniforms, […]