The hill freezes over

With last week’s cold spell, some students might be wondering why their room is cold, or why the sidewalks are so slippery. Last week’s temperatures of 30 to 40 degrees below zero for days straight caused issues all around campus and irritated both students and staff. Sophomore Dan Shimek said temperature does not prevent him from doing what he wants. “Although it has been bitterly … Continue reading The hill freezes over

Choir of the West meets Midwest

The Choir of The West, the top choir at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, will perform a free-will concert in Christ Chapel on Jan. 27 at 7:00 p.m. The concert will feature works from Stephen Paulus, Johnann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn, William Walton, Maurice Ravel, F. Melius Christiansen, Moses Hogan and others. Associate Professor of Music Gregory Aune said that it is rare to … Continue reading Choir of the West meets Midwest

Phil Helt takes leadership to a new level

Ah, January. Most Gustavus students enjoy a whole month of light workloads, increased free time and, for those involved in student organizations, decreased responsibility. For many, it is the perfect time to break out a new video game, hang out with fellow Gusties and get started on an autobiography. But while this low-key atmosphere may cause laziness in some students, others, like Sophomore Communication Studies … Continue reading Phil Helt takes leadership to a new level

What’s Next for the Republican Party

The losses that the Republican Party suffered in 2006 and 2008 were devastating. They left many Republicans thinking about what went wrong and commentators proclaiming that the “era of conservatism” was over. The 2008 Republican Primary election saw the party divided among the Paulites, Huckabeens and McCainanites. Underneath all of this was, and is, the sense that the party has become beholden to the religious … Continue reading What’s Next for the Republican Party

Gustavus hang tough in competitive MIAC

After splitting pivotal conference road games, beating  St. Thomas and falling to conference-leading St. Ben’s, the Gusties are still in striking distance of first place The Gustavus Women’s Basketball team is midway through its eight game road trip, in which all eight games will be played in a matter of 20 days. The last three games that the Gusties played have proved pivotal in conference … Continue reading Gustavus hang tough in competitive MIAC

Recyclemania infects campus

Starting Monday, Jan. 19, staff, students, faculty and visitors will be participating in Recyclemania, a multi-school recycling contest. Organized and brought to campus by the Department of Environmental Studies and the Physical Plant, Recyclemania will pit Gustavus against hundreds of other participating colleges across America to see who can recycle the most. The purpose of Recyclemania, however, is not just to compete among schools. According … Continue reading Recyclemania infects campus

From life on the hill to Capitol Hill

Over five years ago, a Gustavus January Interim Experience class took a trip out to Washington, D.C., to experience what work is like on Capitol Hill. For one of that trip’s members, Semonti Mustaphi, it was a life-changing experience. “I have to thank the political science department’s January [Interim Experience] trip to D.C. for helping me see this city as my future,” said Mustaphi, a … Continue reading From life on the hill to Capitol Hill

Sophomore Jill Scheel strikes a balance

Sitting still, Jill Marie Scheel might look like any other Gustie sophomore. She sports straightened hair, a book in her hands, loves to snack on puppy chow and always wears a friendly smile. But inside this young lady, two polar opposite forces battle for control. Jill, a native of Hector, Minnesota, perfectly demonstrates the left-brain—right-brain duality of a liberal arts education. On the right side, … Continue reading Sophomore Jill Scheel strikes a balance

Inaugural ambitions

Yes, we’ve made it to 2009. All in all, 2008 was kind of a letdown, with economic recessions, astronomical gas prices, Russian invasions and the continuing fame of Miley Cyrus. On the brighter side, the election season finally ended, and Britney Spears actually got her act together. One can only hope that this coming year will bring more celebrity rehabilitations as well as an end … Continue reading Inaugural ambitions