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Building Bridges collects books to raise money for school in Uganda

Social justice and action is a common theme on college campuses around the U.S. and Gustavus is no exception. Building Bridges is a student-led initiative that focuses on raising awareness about important global issues and showing students how they can […]

International Festival brings culture to Gustavus

Every year around mid-November, the walls of Alumni Hall are adorned with colorful flags, the room is filled with cultural displays and a variety of unique dances are performed by students. The occasion: Gustavus? International Festival. The International Cultures Club […]

Gustavus comes face to face with hate

“Nigger, sand nigger, spic, Jews, I love the KKK, Obama is a nigger, I hate gays, black monkey.” On the evening of Saturday Nov. 1, vehicles belonging to nine members of the Gustavus community were vandalized with these deplorable expressions […]

Taking a stand against hate

Out of sight, out of mind, right? If we clean up the hateful words that give us chills, we can forget about this one incident, pile it up with the rest and hope it does not topple over. Our campus […]

Congratulations, Mr. Obama

Another long and contentious election has played out in America, and fortunately it went pretty smoothly. Issues at the polls were few and far between, and the result was clear-cut and decisive. Voter registration saw tremendous gains, and more Americans […]

Believing doesn’t make it so

It seems the more I write these columns, the less they deal with specific issues, and the more they focus on the overarching problems we face as humans interacting with each other in society. I blame the philosophy department for […]

Highly regarded Gusties are reloaded and ready for another solid campaign

Gustavus is ranked #7 in the country in the preseason poll, highest of any MIAC school The Gustavus Women’s Hockey team was ranked seventh in USCHO’s most recent poll of all Division III teams. They are not only the highest […]

Experienced Gusties look to repeat

Nanatorium heavyweights Matt Stewart and Carrie Gunderson return to the pool to lead Gustavus Gustavus’ Swimming and Diving team has been the cream of a very competitive MIAC crop in recent history,  and the men have won eight of the […]

Nov. 14, 2008 PDF

44th president announced: Obama ‘08

For the last few months, America has seen fervent campaigning from both parties, with Barack Obama coming out the victor.  Many have speculated that this is the result of a massive turnout of younger, more progressive voters, a demographic that […]