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Day: April 25, 2008 | The Gustavian Weekly

“Troubled Water” plunges into the water debate

Water: a cool beverage, a great source of fun and a high-priced commodity? Though the third characteristic may sound absurd to some, many experts believe that this is the direction in which water is heading. The topic of the twenty-eighth […]

Guaranteed Cost Plan no longer a guarantee

Next year’s senior class will have seen a nearly $10,000 rise in tuition over the course of its four years at Gustavus. College costs around the country continue to increase at an astonishing rate, which is part of the reason […]

Ben Folds: Rockin’ Gustavus

Early Saturday afternoon, people began to line up outside of Lund Arena to see Ben Folds. By the time I got my spot in line, it was already wrapped around three flags and headed towards Complex. When the line began […]

Looking ahead to a (Ful)bright future

Meet Your Fellow Gustie: Addie Ryan Most of us here at Gustavus go about our daily lives with attention focused on when we’ll get homework done or what we’ll do the next weekend. Our thoughts rarely stray from what’s happening […]

Cleaning house in your head

If you’re a senior at Gustavus, graduation is approaching. In 37 days, the class of 2008 will walk across Hollingsworth Field and into the real world of debt, car payments and health insurance. Chances are most seniors don’t need to […]

Baseball team prepares for the stretch run

The Gustavus Baseball team doesn’t make the schedule. The team just plays the games as they come. With only two more weeks until the MIAC tournament, few games remain as they jockey for an important playoff position. Thus far, the […]

Golf teams prepare for Nationals

The Gustavus Men’s and Women’s Golf teams have much to look forward to while wrapping up their 2007-2008 seasons. Both teams are preparing for the Division III National Golf Meets in mid-May. The men secured their bid to Nationals by […]

The de-evolution of science

My delightful roommate recently called me over to his computer to show me a movie trailer. Expecting to see a trailer for an upcoming action or comedy flick that might interest me, I was intrigued to find a long trailer […]

Solving the memory problem

“So, how was your day, Tara? Oh, uh, I mean, Tasha.” Ok, so both of our names start with the letter T; but you would think that after twenty-one years as his daughter, my father would be able to distinguish […]

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