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Gustie of the Week: Paget Pengelly

By Beth Schmidt A & E Editor | May 10, 2013 | Gustie of the Week

Paget is excited to see how the next year at Gustavus will guide her even more in the direction of pursuing her goals. <em>Mara LeBlanc</em>

Paget is excited to see how the next year at Gustavus will guide her even more in the direction of pursuing her goals. Mara LeBlanc

Named after a small parish community in Bermuda, Paget has found her calling and is making big waves at Gustavus. Paget was raised in Bermuda, her dad’s hometown before moving to Minnesota when she was in second grade. After playing softball in high school, she decided to follow a path that was forming in front of her as she journeyed through her first year at Gustavus.

“I was in Professor Richard Leitch’s First Term Seminar, Politics of Homelessness, it was such an influential class and it helped me realize what I wanted to do at Gustavus,” Paget said. “I really connected to the message and wanted to help share it around campus.”

Paget is the current Norelius Hall Council Secretary, a Gustie Guide, does work study in the Office of Marketing and Com- munication, and is involved in choir, PASO, and Habitat for Humanity. She will be a Communication Studies major and would like to minor in Political Science and Civic Leadership.

Paget is just starting her journey through Gustavus, but has already made an impact.Mara LeBlanc

Paget is just starting her journey through Gustavus, but has already made an impact.Mara LeBlanc

“Paget is one of the ‘go-getters’ at Gustavus. She takes initiative and pursues all of the opportunities that she encoun- ters,” Professor of Political Science Richard Leitch said. “She has all of the qualities of success and doesn’t let defeat stop her. Paget ran for Senate this year and lost, but she didn’t let it get her down. She went back out there and learned more about what she needs to do for next year.”

After one year at Gustavus, Paget has made an impact on her peers and the campus.

Paget really inspired me to be more involved. She has my back and encourages me to try new things,” First-year Ariel Kocher said.

“We are able to really depend on each other. Paget has made Gustavus a home to me,” First- year Emily Atkins said.

Earlier in the year Paget went to Day at the Capitol and participated in a hearing for a bill. As part of her Public Discourse project, she went and testified in front of the Minnesota Senate Transpertation and Public Safety about the dangers of party buses.

“I was really excited to have the chance to go up there and give a student perspective on an important issue affecting people our age,” Paget said.

“Paget is passionate about the topic even though her per- spective may not be the most popular among her former classmates. She is truly a class act,” Professor of Communication Studies Sarah Wolter said.

Paget was the co-chair for Act! Speak! Build! Week for Habitat for Humanity. She embodies advocacy, faith, justice, and academics and it showed in her work.

“Act! Speak! Build! Week was huge this year, and Paget did a great job bringing speakers to campus. She contributed all she had to the effort and her hard work paid off with the success of the week,” Atkins said.

Paget will be a Collegiate Fellow (CF) in Gibbs to a floor of both male and female Gusties next year. Her relationship with her current CF has evolved into a great friendship and she hopes to have the same friendships with her residents.

“I wanted to be a CF because I wanted to enforce the commu- nity feel at Gustavus, and I want to help make residential life

While her first year is coming to an end, Paget is continuing to work hard and inspire others.Mara LeBlanc

While her first year is coming to an end, Paget is continuing to work hard and inspire others.Mara LeBlanc

better. I was also really drawn to the peer-to-peer aspect and how you get to form relationships with students your own age,” Paget said.

Dani Cabrera is Paget’s CF in Norelius and is excited for Paget to take on the role.

“I think that this opportunity will further encourage her leadership. Residential Life saw her potential, and I don’t think the position will ever be the same. She is going to set a high bar for others to follow,” Cabrera said.

With three years still ahead of her, Paget is on the path for success.

“I see her graduating with honors for sure, she is smart and is enthusiastic about everything she is involved in. There are going to be big shoes to fill when she leaves, Paget is already leaving her footprint on campus and with her 100 percent commitment to what she is involved in she will be a great leader,” First-year Nick Mansur said.

Gusties of all ages can take what Paget is doing and apply it to themselves. She has set goals and will not let anything stop her from achieving what she really wants.

“She brings a professional and sophisticated drive to everything she encounters and is unafraid of the obstacles that may get in her way,” Cabrera said.

“Paget has really thought about things in a conscious way. She has a sense of what she likes and is making sure her choices in college are directly impact- ing what she wants for the big picture,” Leitch said.

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