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Student Senate co-president elections heat up

By The Weekly Staff | March 1, 2013 | News

Junior Michael Morimoto and Sophomore Joe Thayer

Platform: Wish to see more transparency; report Student Senate in the Weekly monthly; utilize GAC TV; hold Co-President meet & greets (invite a dean once a month to answer questions about Residential Life, student life, etc); bring safe ride calling system backl increase handicap accessibility; keep the Courtyard Cafe open all day and increase lighting there for better studying; continue working on Dive committee and renovation completion.

Why you should vote for them: “Joe and I bring a different aspect to campus. We’re both involved in a wide breadth of things. We’ve been involved with administration. We have met with faculty members who have made sure our campaign is doable. Being Greeters, we’re both connected to the freshmen class. And we’re open and welcomeing of their new ideas as they will be leaders of Gustavus one day,” Morimoto said.

Personal involvement on campus:

Thayer: Heart Safe Champion, Gustie Greeter, Student Senate (Sophomore Class Representative) Curling Team President, Pre-Med Club, Faculty Committee/Board of Trustees Committee for Res Life.

Fun fact: “I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.”

Morimoto: Gustie Greeter, Epsilon Pi Alpha member, Student Senate (Junior Class Representative), G-Choir member.

Fun fact: “I’m Japanese, German, and Italian.”

Sophomores Matthew Timmons and Danielle Cabrera

Platform:  Improve communication as we see a disconnect between students and student representatives; wish to see more transparency; want to look at how to engage both sides. Can’t function as voice of student body if the student body isn’t behind them. Want students to know what senate is doing and that it is their outlet; We feel what effects every student is safe rides and we would try to advocate to bring them back. To say current system is underutilized it to say that it is utilized, which it isn’t.  Being safe on campus is important.

Why you should vote for them: “Dani and I bring a unique ticket and perspective that no one else can offer. Dani has been in Senate for two years. She has knowledge and background of workings and proceedings. I feel that I offer a unique perspective in that I’m the onlycanidate that has never worked with any senator. I have the ability to come in with sense of neutrality and the ability to be a mediator.  My main concern is to represent every voice at Gustavus. We have the ability to make sure that every narrative is heard and valued,” Timmons said.

Personal involvement on campus:

Timmons: Christ Chapel Choir member, President Elect of LineUs, CF, Epsilon Pi Alpha member, Radio personality on KGSM.

Fun fact: “I really enjoy badminton.”

Cabrera: CF, Student Senate (Diversity Chairwoman), Gustie Guide.

Fun Fact: “I can make a dolphin noise.”

Juniors Eric Best and Eiler Henrickson

Platform: 15 Points platform: Promote financial/administrative transparency; simplify finance process for groups; further discussion of gender neutral housing; eliminate housing surcharges; review and update dorm visitation hours; address rising tuition; increase scholarship amounts as tuition increases; reduce price of on-campus food; address outdoor lighting concerns; safe rides program (pickups as requested); set up basic first aid classes; welcome and integrate international students better; continue/further Dive renovation project; explore additions to Courtyard Cafe; Establish student senate service project.

Why you should vote for them: “Eric and I have a diverse amount of experience. Both of us have been in Senate for one and a half years each. Eric has been in the finance committee and I have been in the ethics committee. We have demonstrated leadership experiences. I have also had military leadership and am able to bring very diverse and a unique set of experiences to the table. We want to further causes of students,” Henrickson said.

Personal involvement on campus:

Best: Student Senate, G-Choir member, Math Tutor,

Fun fact: “I have two older sisters and two younger sisters.”

Henrickson: Student Senate, President of Student Vets Org.

Fun Fact: “I love Korean food.”