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RE: Tuition Increase

By Alex Legeros Class of 2011 | March 2, 2012 | Letters to the Editor

Hey Gusties:

I heard today that tuition is approved to be raised 5.2 percent in the 2012-2013 academic year, and that billable cost of attendance will scrape 47,000 dollars. Back when I started at Gustavus, that bill totaled under 36,000 dollars … and that was five years ago. If my math is correct, that’s about a 30 percent increase in half a decade, roughly 5.5 percent annually.

It is my understanding that families’ income has barely kept pace with inflation, let alone any tuition increases above it. Unless everyone’s financial aid is going up too, it’s therefore harder to pay today than it was a handful of years ago.

I understand that to make Gustavus the great college it is takes a lot of money, especially in research fields, so I’m not going to argue against a tuition raise based on cost of operations. Rather, what irks me is the equity of those operations and their costs.

The one example I have space to make concerns faculty compensation. The Chronicle posts a resource online where you can graph, track and compare faculty salaries at colleges and universities around the country, including Gustavus and other MIAC institutions. The past decade shows at Gustavus an  increase in compensation over 2003-2010 that looks to hardly keep pace with inflation, including total stagnation toward the end of the decade. In fact, their data shows that salaries declined in 2011 at Gustavus.

You do receive all of what “paying the full price” entitles you to at Gustavus. But is it outrageous to propose that we could peg things like tuition costs and faculty salaries to something like cost of living and inflation? Or is this a notion too human to be economically feasible?

Alex Legeros, ’11


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  1. Angella Voravong says:

    I can’t believe the tuition as increased! I’m a high school senior and I am looking at Gustavus as a possible school next year, but can I really afford it? Here’s to hoping I can.

  2. Matt Johnson says:

    I’m a high school senior and was going to go to Gustavus, but given the trend of sharply increasing tuition each year, I had to opt for a more affordable school. I’m really disappointed, I was looking forward to being a Gustie.

  3. Mrs. Paulson says:

    I’m a grandparent seeing my grandchild not being able to attend another year at Gustavus. It is unfortunate that this decision has to be made since we were so proud that she chose Gustavus over the several other colleges that were recruiting her. Having to come up with an additional $6300 for one year and then not knowing what 2014 will bring is just too much for one family to absorb.

  4. Mrt says:

    requirements, or wealth bduniilg requirements, then build a sales goal from that. See post on determining sales goals. But I wouldn’t start spending money according to the goal UNTIL you see that you are